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Essay on The End Of The World

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The End Of The World

The End of the World

     Have you ever wondered when the world is going to come to a stop?. Have
you ever stopped to think about all of those physic predictions that so many
have made? I hope to provide an insight to the world of Armageddon. It is almost
inevitable that the world and the human race end someday, but just how soon?
Millennialists, people who believe that the world is going to end on a set date
saying that the date will be May 5, 2000. If their calculations are right, then
we only have 6 years to live.

"Millennialisim has been present in just about every generation since the birth
of Christ--and just about every crop of millennialists has been disappointed"

300 years ago, Nostradamas predicted all of the popes, correctly up
until the year 2000. According to Nostradamas we only have 4 popes left until "A
horrible fiery death to all humankind"© Further more he predicted the southern
California' 92 earthquake, 300 years ago!!.

Many people believe that the world will end in the form of world war III.
Imagine if another Hitler came along, with the weapons that he could get a hold
of biological, nuclear and chemical warfare, think how devastating it would be
if that happened. People like Hitler are called anti-Christ. Nostradamas also
predicted that the third anti-Christ (there have already been 2)would be born in
1970, his name unreleased to the public. Supposedly he w

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